How to Run Your Meetings like a Boss

Accomplish more from better produced Meetings in 2018 How often have you left a meeting thinking ‘Well that was a complete waste of my time’ and promised that the next one would be different? Too many times to remember, I bet! No clear agenda, boring presentations, side-bar conversations, lengthy pointless discussions - we have all [...]

‘Without You – Living with Loss’ in support of Our Lady’s Hospice, Harold’s Cross

At Gavin Duffy & Associates we are proud to support local and national charities. Every once in a while, however, a charity or project comes along which holds a special place in our hearts. For Orlaith Carmody, Managing Director of GD&A, that charity is Our Lady’s Hospice, Harold’s Cross, Dublin. The project – ‘Without You [...]

Showing our Support to Local & National Charities this October

Supporting Local & National Fundraising Campaigns this October! It’s been a busy month supporting some fantastic local and national fundraising campaigns here at Gavin Duffy and Associates. We were thrilled to meet so many hard working and dedicated volunteers raising much needed funds for fantastic causes. Keep up the good work guys! Here’s a taster [...]

How to Identify your Emerging Talent

Trouble finding Top Talent? Sometimes, the process of identifying and nurturing emerging talent in your organisation can feel like a never ending treasure hunt. You may be unsure of where to start, confused about what the process should look like, and perplexed as to which tools to use to measure and identify. Investing in your [...]

How to Nail your Next Presentation

Prevent your audience from falling asleep! Be honest, how many times have you sat through a seminar or conference and your mind completely wandered? Or even worse, you fell asleep! Or, how many times have you endured a presentation but didn’t hear a word the presenter said, because you were too busy reading the slides [...]

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