Would you like to improve your communication skills?
Are you ready to improve your Communication Skills?


Join us at the Kilsharvan Leadership Centre for our one day open courses in Pitching  & Negotiation Skills.

Based in theory, but with a focus on the practical, our courses demonstrate the tools and techniques you need to win over potential clients with your pitching and negotiating style.


What makes our training so unique?


Our expert coaches

Both Gavin Duffy and Orlaith Carmody are highly sought after communication coaches, having worked with some of Ireland’s most influential leaders throughout their careers.

The pair have specialised in the communication sector for 25+ years, amassing a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area.

They know what it takes to become an excellent communicator, and have condensed their best material into a one day programme, designed for maximum results in a short space of time.


Orlaith and Gavin deliver communications skills training
Orlaith and Gavin delivering presentation skills and media training


Feedback on Open Courses


“Excellent course, could see the improvements throughout the day within the group and myself”. Emma Gallagher, Heneghan PR

“The course was excellent, I learned so much and enjoyed it. That’s coming from someone who hates public speaking!” Marie Nolan Flawless Foto

“Very clear, easy to understand concepts and very practical” Conor Clinch, ION Trading


 Course Dates

Pitching for Business 

24th January

Negotiating Skills

31st January

Presentation Skills

6th February



Gavin Duffy Open Courses
Who should attend our open courses?

Communication Officers/Managers

Communication Directors


Business Development Managers

Marketing Managers

Sales Managers or Directors

Public Relations Professionals

Brand Managers

Business Owners



Not for Profit Sector

What can I expect to learn during the training?

Pitching for Business

How to make an impact with your pitching style

How to engage and connect with your audience

Improving the dynamic of your team

How to prepare for and answer challenging questions

How to survive and thrive without Powerpoint

How to stand out from the competition



Negotiating Skills

The need for research

How to choose the right negotiating team

Planning your negotiation strategy

How to deal with challenging behaviours

How to understand non – verbal signals and possible hidden agendas

How to avoid deadlock

Spotting movement and going for the close


Presentation Skills

How to banish your nerves and grow in confidence

How to develop your own presenting style, unique to you!

How to deliver your presentation without the help of a script

How to engage, motivate and inspire your audience with your content and style

How to read the audience and perform under pressure

How to create an impressive opening and closing statement

How to be memorable, and leave a lasting impression on your audience

Wondering if this course is for you? Read our top tips to prevent your audience from zoning out.

How to give an excellent presentation

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