“I have found that success comes from a person’s ability to communicate, negotiate and lead, and not so much from their technical knowledge”.
Orlaith Carmody

‘Perform as a Leader’ is a great book that offers an easy to read, step by step guide to leadership and much more. As well as detailing the attributes that make a great leader, the book also includes chapters on Presenting and Public Speaking; Performing on the Media; Managing Meetings; Negotiating; Coaching and Motivation. It will equip you with many skills that will unlock your leadership potential. The author draws on her personal journey and extensive experience to provide practical advice and stories that illustrate how to perform as a leader. If you want to learn the skills and strategies that make you perform as a leader, read this book. Margaret McKeon-Boyle – Managing Director, Extensive PR Limited

This book is a gem. Full of useful tips and ideas that will help any leader improve their performance – new or experienced. Orlaith is known as a great communicator and her advice and direction in this book is second none and draws on her many years of dealing with complex and challenging situations. Read it and you will become a more confident and inspired leader. Dermot McConkey
Owner, Development & Training LTD

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