Authentic Presentation

We all present, but how many of us do it well?

Our Authentic Presentation training session gives you the opportunity to learn practical skills and techniques to take your presentation style from the mediocre to the memorable.

How we can help

You will learn how to truly engage, connect with and influence your audience, delivering your key messages each and every time.

You will be ready and willing to engage with opportunities to speak, stepping out of your comfort zone to really reach and energise an audience.

You will know how to structure a speech in a way that flows naturally, minimizing the need for dense slides. At the end of the course you will come away with a unique style of delivery that is confident, effective and true to you.

How to grab your Audience

Topics covered in the session

Coping with nerves

Delivering your message confidently

How to avoid ‘brain freeze’

Putting the audience first

Engaging and motivating your audience

Asking and answering important questions

Owning the stage

Using personal memory rather than learned memory

Being memorable!

At the end of the session, you will be confident that that your presentation style in future will be different – more focused, more sophisticated, more appealing to the audience and more memorable

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