Crisis Management

Crises take many shapes and forms, and range from fires and environmental issues, to break-ins and accidents, and all the way to major fraud or financial misappropriation.

Having a plan in place for each potential situation means that confusion is reduced, people and organisations are protected and key audiences are kept informed. 

A crisis which is poorly managed can destroy company value and reputation in a matter of hours. A well managed crisis demonstrates professional competence and grace under fire, remembered long after the crisis has passed.

How we can help

We conduct a crisis planning day with your team, evaluating the potential crisis areas, developing the response, assigning roles, confirming the lines of communication and training the spokespersons.

At the end of the session your team will have a clear plan of action, the ability to communicate your story effectively to all stakeholders and ultimately protect the organisations reputation.

Topics covered during the session

Breakdown of crisis
Defining Stakeholders
Damage Limitation
Responding to the media
Emerging from a crisis effectively
Crisis communication skills
How to communicate your message to key stakeholders

Having the right plan is the key to survival in a crisis situation.

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