Life’s a Pitch

These days we all have to work hard to attract new customers and sometimes even harder to hold onto our existing ones. More and more often that involves countless hours of research, pitching ourselves and our businesses to prospective clients and competing with countless other companies who are trying to do the exact same thing!

How we can help

Our Life’s a Pitch Masterclass is a tried and tested programme that delivers real results each and every time for businesses of any size. Our hands-on, strategic approach will equip you and your team with the skills and confidence to take on and win any pitch that comes your way.

Pitching for Business

This workshop gives a real understanding of effective communication when under pressure.

How to plan and prepare an effective sales pitch

Selecting the right team leader and strong skilled team

How to tailor your message to your audience

Delivering your message in a way that really connects

How to deal with awkward behaviours or challenging questions

Being memorable

Ending with impact and influencing the outcome

Winning new business

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