Communications Training

What does it take to become an effective communicator?

Tried and tested communication tools and techniques, confidence and lots of practice!

Our experts at Gavin Duffy & Associates will provide you with a unique set of skills and methods which will truly transform your communication style and allow you to perform as a leader every time.

From interview training and pitching for business, to authentic presentation and knowing how to effectively work the room, we cover the key skills that every senior management team, leader and entrepreneur needs in today’s fast-paced corporate world.

At the end of our programme, you will have found your own personal strength as a communicator. You will be ready and willing to engage with opportunities to speak in public, pitch for business and lead your team, truly stepping out of your comfort zone to engage and energise your audience. Most importantly, you will look and sound like the expert you are, each and every time.

Media Interview Training

Whether on air, online, or in print, today you and your organisation are ‘on’ in a way that you have never been before. How do you control the message and ensure that the team perform well, every time?
With structured, practical training for key spokespersons.

Pitching for Business 

Life is a Pitch, especially as you strive to grow your business. Seeking the form of words, the compelling message, and the confident delivery to drive your sales offer is sometimes a challenge.

This tailor made workshop will give you hands-on experience on how to successfully pitch your company’s product or service to achieve increased sales or win finance.

Authentic Presentation 

We all present, but how many do it well?

This course shows you how to tap into your core values and use them while presenting to really connect with and influence your audience.

Working the Room 

Working the Room – the secrets to successful networking

Become really comfortable at conferences, seminars, business showcases and exhibitions with the skills to make real contacts that convert to business opportunities.

The Business of Writing 

Take the stress out of business writing for you and your team with this fast paced masterclass which gives participants the confidence and the skills to write quickly, efficiently and effectively.

The Art of Negotiating

Learn the secrets to success in a challenging masterclass that will walk you and your team through preparing, planning and conducting brilliant negotiations that deliver results.

Gender Diversity in the Workplace

The business case for gender diversity is becoming stronger every day, diverse teams proving to be happier, healthier and more productive – all of which impacts positively on the bottom line.


Gavin Duffy & Associates is the difference between a mediocre performance and a really strong one that draws a great reaction from colleagues and friends.

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