Executive Coaching

How many world class tennis players made it all the way to a Wimbledon final without a coach? The answer, most likely, is none!
Or how many rugby players scored a winning try in the Six Nations without coaching along the way? The answer again, I think you’ll find, is absolutely none!

Business or Executive Coaching is now understood to be one of the most effective ways of discovering and achieving goals, and developing the skills and alignment to progress in a business or career context.

Is it something you should consider for yourself or your team?

Most of the clients we work with are not people you would think need coaching. They are successful already. They actively choose coaching, because they know it can make such a difference in achieving a more balanced and productive life.

How we can help

At Gavin Duffy and Associates, we have offered highly skilled business and executive coaching across all sectors for many years, and have worked with hundreds of individuals and teams who have been empowered to achieve the results they want.

Nothing gives us greater pleasure than being a small part of that success – inspiring and motivating others to achieve their potential.

We promise absolute discretion and confidentiality, and a rigorous application of the highest coaching and mentoring professional standards.

We recognise and embrace diversity and inclusion, and always strive to avoid any form of unconscious bias.

Coaching teams or individuals helps people:

To grow a business

To become unstuck

To make real change for the better

To achieve clarity

To achieve alignment

To perform with greater impact

To successfully navigate transition

To achieve balance

To make informed choices

To step up

To take ownership

To discover the possible

How it works

Following an initial confidential chat, we establish the parameters of the coaching relationship – who is involved, how long it will last, what are the outline objectives and so on.

We also establish a good ‘fit’ between the coach and the coachee.

When the work starts, it is all about exploring the current situation, and how, where and when to make positive change. You get the benefit of our years of experience to see ways of thinking differently, acting differently and therefore getting different and better results.

Case Studies

Heinrich founded and ran a multi-million-pound business for 20 years, ending up franchising his concept to many branches around Europe.

He realized he wanted to do something completely different with his life, but was concerned about the impact on his business partners and on his wife and family.

Through coaching, Heinrich began to put together a plan to exit his business and become a business mentor.

Over the course of 18 months, he found a buyer for his shareholding and on-boarded the new partner successfully.

He found ways of reassuring the other partners that the business he founded would not decline without him; that they had the skills to take it forward. He won the support of his wife and family to take some time out, undertake a training programme and set up a practice as a consultant.

He is now very happy with the increased time he has for family and his sport, and the personal satisfaction he is getting from using his long business career to support others as they start out in business.

Patricia was an associate in a professional services firm.

She found it quite difficult to return to work and take up the reins again after three separate maternity leaves. She has a very supportive partner, and really good help at home, so things should have been running smoothly.

But she had constant doubts that she was being taken as seriously as before she had her family, and wondered if she would ever make partner in the firm.

Through coaching, she began to take a strategic approach to her progression, developing increased executive presence in her everyday role, rather than waiting for the next round of interviews to try and impress.

She worked on her contribution across a lot of bases, as well as her time management, fitness, and work-life balance, and ended up feeling much more in control and much happier. She made partner a short time ago and is delighted with her progress.

Terry is an academic who felt his career was stagnating because his style was considered too low key.

He knew he performed well, and enjoyed his day to day work, but felt he wasn’t ‘playing the game’ properly and would have to do so in order to progress.

Through coaching, he realized that he had been highly critical of workplace politics, and had to first change his own attitude if he wanted to change the attitude of others around him.

He set himself lots of small goals around his contribution to faculty meetings and campus life in general, and began to really enjoy ticking off the goals as they were achieved one by one.

Recently, he has begun delivering keynotes representing his work and that of the college abroad, and freely admits that the change he wanted was inside himself all along.

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