Are leaders born or made? Can anyone become one?

These are questions often asked by people who are considering or being considered for, the task of managing a team.

Leadership Consultancy

At Gavin Duffy & Associates, we offer coaching and leadership masterclasses to senior executive teams and individuals. Our Leadership Masterclass focuses on the common traits and motivators of successful leaders.

During the session, we will uncover participants personal leadership style and develop it so that it allows you to motivate and successfully lead your team in the future.

Why hold a strategy workshop for your team? 

A goal setting day for the business or department, led by an external facilitator, using proven coaching and mentoring tools to allow a clear plan for the quarter or year ahead to emerge. 

We work with you to design the Summit, and facilitate the day to ensure your business strategy objectives are achieved. 

How will my event benefit from having a keynote speaker? 

We chair and lead the discussion and the question and answer session, keeping your event on track, and allowing the principles to concentrate on delivering the key messages

Why should I hire a Facilitator? 

Visioning and strategic planning sessions benefit particularly from outside assistance.

As professional facilitators we bring a high level of skill and expertise, remain neutral, and help the group become unstuck. We resolve conflict by reframing questions and introducing exercises that encourage solutions to emerge.

Contact Gavin Duffy & Associates

Inquire about a training session to suit your business needs by clicking the Contact Us button to get in touch or email us on info@gavinduffyandassociates.com

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