Coachable Moments

Coachable Moments – How to spot them and run with them. I have often run half-day training programmes for managers who want to learn a bit about coaching techniques. Not everyone has the time to undertake a full coaching diploma, but everyone can learn how to hold a coaching conversation; to take a more collaborative […]

Becoming Unstuck

Handy Coaching Tools If you are not a trained business coach, but have been dipping a toe in the water learning about coaching techniques, and the benefits they bring to most workplaces, you might find some of these tools useful.  Whether self coaching to solve a problem, or supporting a colleague, these points might prompt […]

Show Your Face!

Have you ever listened to a disembodied voice on a webinar, hiding behind multiple slides, droning on and on, and felt that life was really, really too short for this? You probably let it run in the background, and went off to make tea, and no one blames you. Don’t be that voice! We like […]

Pitching on Paper

A pitch often starts with an email to an investor or manager hoping for support for a project, product or service. Unfortunately on far too many occasions it is written so badly it ends in the virtual trash can. I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say that 90 per cent of them start […]

Writing an Agenda Setting CV

Far too many CVs received by organisations list the tasks the applicant completes every week in their current or previous role. Firstly, those things are what you are paid to do, so why list them off? And secondly, it gives far too many jump off points to an interviewer, reducing your control over the subsequent […]

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