Leadership Consultancy

Do you have what it takes to become a great leader?

Our Leadership Masterclass focuses on the common traits and motivators of successful leaders. During the session we will uncover participants personal
leadership style and develop it so that it allows you to motivate and successfully lead your team in the future.

How we can help

This module focuses on developing the leadership pipeline, challenging staff at all levels to grow and develop leadership potential – impacting positively on the
organisation as a whole. The session is dynamic and energetic, opening the minds of the participants to their own potential and that of those around them.

Topics covered during the session

Authentic Leadership
How to find motivators
Staying consistent
Staying grounded
Empowering others
Distinguishing Motivators from Diminishers
Giving followership
Producing results
Giving back

What is leadership all about?

Part 1 of “Perform as a Leader” an 18 part series designed and delivered by Orlaith Carmody.

Orlaith’s book “Perform as a Leader” is also available to buy here

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