Meetings that make sense

The frequent ‘going – nowhere’ meetings are truly the scourge of the business world. It’s no wonder why so many employees say they would rather visit the dentist’s chair than sit through another pointless meeting.

Why do most meetings go nowhere?

Usually, it’s because there are no specific objectives set for the meeting, a lack of agenda and either too many participants or the wrong participants and too much time wasted on the “Why” rather than the “How”.

How we can help

During our meeting skills training sessions, our aim is to make every meeting you attend or chair a productive one. Using our tried and tested meeting skills methods, we will demonstrate how you can effectively prepare and execute a successful meeting each and every time. 

After the session, your team will no longer dread visiting the boardroom but will instead look forward to a productive, time-efficient session where objectives are met and projects are progressed.

Topics we cover during the session

Defining outcomes of every meeting

How to prepare properly

How to become a worthwhile contributor

Time Management

Agenda Setting

Decision Making

Maintain control at the meeting

Effective closing statement

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