As a senior executive you have been invited to pitch for business more times than you can remember. Some have gone your way, some haven’t, but now you are facing into a significant bid for a piece of business, the pressure is heightened and you need to perform.  Your pre prepared slide deck and rehearsed script is not going to cut it this time, so what can you do to take your performance to the next level and give yourself the best chance of winning that important piece of business.

Make it conversational. Focus on creating a two way conversation and turn the pitch from an audience/ spectator situation to a free flowing conversation where everyone is involved. Your potential client will instantly feel more engaged and connected with you as you include them and their needs in your pitch.

Use everyday language. People buy from people they like. Using an everyday kind of language that shows your personality to its best advantage will deformalize the whole experience and will make your potential clients feel more at ease and comfortable to ask questions or make comments.

Never finish with ‘any questions?’ This is guaranteed to leave an uncomfortable silence. You will get a better response if you take a more tailored approach. “Mary, I know that you were interested in learning more about how we developed this particular technology and its costs to date, have we answered all of your concerns or is there anything else we can cover for you now in the time we have left?

By taking this approach you are more than likely going to develop a connection with your potential client, putting you one step ahead of the competition who pitched with the same overused scripted format.

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