Following the result of the UK referendum, Orlaith was invited to act as facilitator and chair for Bord Bia’s BREXIT briefing. Over 180 Irish food and drink exporters attended the session  to highlight and discuss their concerns following the shock victory of the leave campaign.

The UK is Ireland’s largest market for food and drink exports and is valued at €4.4bn (2015). Concerns had been raised in a recent Bord Bia client survey prompting it’s CEO, Aidan Cotter to hold the briefing outlining his plans to help Irish companies deal with the fallout.

Irish exporters attending on the day were also given the opportunity to raise their immediate concerns post Brexit which included the immediate currency impact, a likely UK recession, and future UK trade deals. The group also highlighted the possible impact on Irish jobs as the industry alone employs more than 200,000 people across Ireland.

Speaking at the event, Aidan Cotter, Chief Executive of Bord Bia told the attendee’s “Our hope is that today’s event may advance all of our deliberations and if we can’t resolve uncertainty , and clearly we can’t, then at least we can now begin to learn how we can deal with it and live with it. The learning’s from today and our ongoing close contact with our clients will inform our future supports for the sector”.

Orlaith has facilitated numerous business and corporate events in 2016 and enjoys the opportunity and variety each one brings. Upcoming events include The Irish Women’s Lawyer Association Gala Dinner, The Launch of the Charities Institute of Ireland and Meath Enterprise Week.

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Brexit Briefing

Brexit Briefing 2

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