Phew! What a wonderful day we had at the Pendulum Summit last week. From the speakers to the content they shared, the whole day left our team exhilarated, motivated and ready to take on the year ahead. Looking around the room it was clear that every person  took away bucket loads of information  which i’m sure will give new insights into the performance of their business and personal lives.

With that in mind I wanted to share a few ‘pearls of wisdom’ from the day in the hopes that it will inspire you too! Hope you enjoy.


“Other people’s perceptions of you shouldn’t concern you: When you have nothing to prove, nothing to protect, nothing to hide and nothing to defend – that’s when you are free and open to the highest level of growth”Lisa Nichols, Founder of Motivating the Masses on self-belief, never apologising for who you are and unashamedly learning from others.

“Give yourself permission to do something extraordinary” – Dr John Demartini, Performance and Behaviour Specialist on maximising your potential and how the Universe rewards the true you.

“Generalisations kill clarity, we need to be clear on where we are and what we want to achieve in order to succeed” – Keith Cunningham, Author and Business Coach on business and creating a strategy to increase sales


It’s my personal belief that every business whether it be large or small should attend motivational and training sessions regularly to continually learn and grow in both a personal and professional capacity. I spoke to a lot of business owners at the Summit who were incredibly moved and inspired for the year ahead after listening to the wonderful array of speakers. Can you imagine what we could achieve if we took on some of the advice spoken at the Summit and applied it to our business and personal lives? The opportunities would be endless!

I for one am really looking forward to the Pendulum Summit next year and will be keeping a close eye on the website for details of next year

If you simply can’t wait until next year to get inspired you can always take a look at the range of course’s on offer at  Whether you would like to learn how to speak more confidently during presentations or negotiate business deals like a pro – we are happy to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Feel free to contact or for more info.

“I may not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday”

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