“Gavin Duffy and Facebook Ireland have resolved an issue regarding ads containing misleading and inaccurate statements about Mr. Duffy, which were published on Facebook by malicious third-parties.

Facebook Ireland puts significant resources towards tackling these kinds of ads.

For the record, Mr. Duffy states and Facebook Ireland accepts that he has never traded, speculated, or invested in any cryptocurrency nor has he ever recommended anyone to do so.

It’s important that ads on Facebook are useful to people and not used to promote deceptive behaviour, like using images of public figures to mislead people.

Mr. Duffy and Facebook Ireland have also agreed to continue to work together to address any further misleading and inaccurate ads related to Mr. Duffy in the event that such ads reappear on Facebook.”

Statement also in video format for compliance with Covid guidelines


The ads on Facebook using Gavin Duffy’s name and image have been running since 2017/18.

The Telegraph’s San Francisco based Tech Correspondent filed this story on February 10th last.

The day Martin Lewis launched his court action, Gavin Duffy was featuring in the national news in Ireland warning people about the scam ads illegally using his name and image. He cited that the ads had also run or appeared as links on the main home pages of the Guardian News Website and the BBC News Website. They were removed reasonably quickly after they were brought to the attention of the Guardian.

An Irish Times Report.

In Summer 2020 the ads on Facebook had a headline reporting Gavin Duffy’s death. Gavin spoke of his experience on Liveline.


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