In the last few weeks, we have done quite a few live strategy, training and coaching sessions once again, we are delighted to report.  As one client put it, you are tiptoeing back!  And she was so right.  There is quite a bit of  ‘let’s try it and see’ going on at the moment, companies wanting desperately for some normality to return, but clearly needing to stay within best practice guidelines, and to keep everyone safe.

In all of the businesses we have tiptoed back to, we notice great attention to safety, plenty of mask wearing, and lots of open windows and social distancing.  So well done to all, it is great to be back, and we are really happy work with you on whatever level or format is best for you.

Some things transitioned brilliantly online, others not so well. Strategy days seemed to be put completely on hold, but are now back with a bang, and we have quite a few sessions booked in before the end of the year. Do let us know if we can join your team in a (well ventilated!) room to plan for the year ahead

Stay safe!

Gavin Duffy and Orlaith Carmody




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