Have you considered a mentor – someone in your corner?

Maybe you, like so many, thought we were all exiting Covid, but now find you’re sort of stuck in the mud. You are not alone.

I am currently coaching a number of CEOs and senior executives, and hear that the post Covid bounce predicted by many has not materialised.

Firstly, Covid hasn’t gone away – it lingers as we learn to live with it. Secondly, the impact of the global economy being put on ice for two years is becoming alarmingly apparent. Supply-lines are slow to crank up again, and inevitable shortages have led to price hikes and inflation. No matter how positive a business or team leader you were, by the end of Covid you too were perhaps suffering some apathy. Then by February we all started to believe life would get back to normal and business would return to as usual. But it didn’t. So apathy has been replaced by angst. And the grind continues.

From working closely with leaders of businesses, large and small, I am struck again by the loneliness the person at the top feels. Everyone asks the boss all the questions expecting perfect answers. But who does the boss turn to for answers, to bounce things off, to use as a sounding board or to rely on as a confidante?
If you plan not only to survive but thrive in these challenging times let’s have a chat. More of the same won’t get you going or get the business growing. A mentor who works closely with you over this next year will make a difference. It is worth having a chat to find out would it help you and consider in investing in yourself and your performance. Drop me a mail to info@gavinduffyandassociates.com.

– Gavin Duffy


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