Being asked to deliver a presentation or a pitch on behalf of the organisation can cause a lot of anxiety. Many are instantly struck by a combination of self-doubt and low confidence. There is a colleague down the corridor or across the hall who could do it so much better!

But it is worth remembering this little fact. The anxiety is not about your ability to speak, which you have been doing since you were eighteen months old, but more about your ability to remember and marshal your messages.

Giving a talk or a presentation is a test of your memory of the subject or topic, and your understanding of your audience, rather than your ability to speak. If you believe you will remember everything relevant you need to say to the audience,  then you will have no fear or concerns.

So don’t allow your preparation and homework to become an assembly of bald facts. Instead, work out a logical story that in your telling of it – with great illustrations and examples – shares all the information you want to get across.

The key to a great presentation is finding the anecdotes, experiences and case studies that engage, enlighten and, even entertain your audience.

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