The top is a lonely place! You have worked so hard over the years, built a strong business, served the needs of lots of happy customers, and provided employment and purpose to many great people – not to mention giving them a solid lifestyle and helping to educate their kids!

But now the time for change has come – perhaps a different direction, a merger, or a sale, or a strategically planned phased exit?  Which option will be best for you? And how do you work through all the possibilities and implications without a leak spooking the board, unsettling customers, or causing good people to move to your competitors?

The answer is to work with a highly qualified business coach, completely external to the business, and in complete confidence, without any danger of the news getting out before you are ready. Over the course of six months, a year, or longer if required, you can stress test your ideas and fully explore your options with one to one business coaching, until you are absolutely sure you are making the right decision about the current business and the next phase of your life.

Coaching can be online or in person, and may be the best decision you ever made.

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