Want to get promoted, get more pay, get more job satisfaction? Then up your game as regards regular internal meetings.

Did you know that your performance at meetings – online or in-person – is a big consideration when it comes to promotion?  It is at meetings that your team lead or line manager sees you in action and interacting with other colleagues. Yet most of us fall into the daily trap of wandering along to meetings, or sitting in on meetings, or observing meetings without any real thought as to why you are there.

Start to see meetings as your opportunity to shine. Ask yourself, what insight can I bring to this meeting? Where can I contribute? What knowledge or experience can I share? Or alternatively, what can I get from this next meeting?  What clever question can I ask? What decision or information or support can I get?

You are always there, present at a meeting, for a reason.

And it is worth remembering that those who influence the most at meetings often speak the least. Experienced players never showboat or grandstand, but are always asking constructive questions.

Golden rule. Ask more questions at meetings and you’re sure to be asked to step up for a promotion sooner than you’d imagined.

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